Oral Tissue Decontaminant

Boost periodontal healing with a simple and comfortable technique to eradicate all microorganisms in periodontal pockets


Mechanism of action

When periodontal pathogens and biofilm are dehydrated, they become unable to function (denatured) and lift away from tooth surfaces. HybenX® is a professionally applied gel that uses an electrostatic charge to attract water from the pathogens associated with inflamed or infected oral tissues. This electrostatic action, called Desiccation Shock Technology (DST), dries out microbial pathogens, their protective biofilm and necrotic tissue, rendering them harmless and easy to remove. The instantaneous and complete removal of periodontal pathogens helps calm inflammatory mediators quickly, safely and effectively and speeds the natural healing process. HybenX® contains sulphonated phenols, which are easy to use - simply apply and rinse this non-antibiotic, non-systemic solution to oral decontamination above and below the gingiva


  • Eradicates bacteria, biofilm and necrotic tissue
  • Inhibits infectious and inflammatory disease process
  • Single treatment to go from infected to healing state
  • Hemostatic
  • Non-systemic and antibiotic free

Favorite features

  • Instant results
  • Significantly softens calculus
  • Easy 10–30 second application
  • Cost effective: Not just for a single site but for the whole mouth
  • Reduced bleeding during scaling and root planing
  • High viscosity (at room temperature) for easy application, low viscosity (at body temperature) for easy rinsing
  • No antibiotic component, non-systemic
  • Does not harm healthy tissues
  • Safe on enamel, dentin, titanium and restorative materials

Main ingredient

Sulfonated phenols

Package includes

  • 2 × 1 mL syringe (available in gel or liquid)
  • 2 × syringe tip

Periodontal therapy application

Step 1
The interproximal placement of applicator tip to apply HybenX®
Step 2
Interproximal dispensing of HybenX®
Step 3
Rinsing HybenX® after the required 30 seconds for healing processes to work
Step 4
The appearance of gingival tissue after placement and rinsing of HybenX® product

The science behind HybenX®

Conclusion from randomized, controlled clinical trial

“SRP plus the desiccant resulted in a greater reduction in clinical, microbial and inflammatory mediators compared to SRP alone.” (red complex bacteria)

Red complex bacteria (T. forsythia, P. gingivalis, T. denticola) mean counts (×105) in SRP + Hybenx vs. SRP alone at baseline, 30 days and 365 days

Adapted from the Isola study, see Isola for complete data

Baseline Baseline
30 days 30 days
1 year 1 year

Tooth surface plaque before and after HybenX® 30 seconds application

Before Before: Thick and firmly bound to root
After After: Dried and lifted away from root

Suggested directions for use

Peri-implants adjunctive soft tissue cleanser

  • Dry the implant
  • Apply HybenX® via cannula around the implant
  • Wait 10–30 seconds
  • Remove HybenX® with suction and rinse with water until clear

Caries and crown preparation cleanser

  • Dry the tooth
  • Apply HybenX® via cannula into the cavity preparation or around the crown preparation
  • Wait 10–30 seconds
  • Remove HybenX® with suction and rinse with water until clear

Root canal cleanser

  • Dry the canals
  • Apply HybenX® into the deepest portion of the canals using the cannula, irrigating up to the top of the access cavity
  • Distribute using an endodontic reamer to work the HybenX® into the canals
  • Wait up to 60 seconds
  • Remove HybenX® with suction and rinse with water until clear

Periodontal adjunctive debridement cleanser

  • Dry the tooth
  • Apply HybenX® via cannula pre & post scaling and root planing where required. Supragingival and subgingival to the base of periodontal pockets
  • Wait 10–30 seconds
  • Remove HybenX® with suction and rinse with water until clear
HybenX® Local antibiotics Systemic antibiotics
Main ingredient Local sulphonated phenolic Minocycline or other local antibiotic Various ingested systemic antibiotics
Cost per patient 1 syringe ≅ 1 arch ≅ $50 1 syringe ≅ 1 tooth ≅ $30 Dependent on drug
Indication Dysbiotic sites as evidenced by BOP, deposits or inflammation Periodontal pockets ≥ 5mm Potential short term value in acute infection, very low certainty for long term follow-up
Targets all periodontal pathogens in 10–30 sec. Yes No No
Effect on calculus Softens calculus None None
Post op instructions None Eating and oral hygiene restrictions for 7–10 days Use drugs to completion and do not miss doses
Contribution to global antimicrobial resistance No No Overprescription of antibiotics globally increasing resistance
Contraindications Sulfur allergy Minocycline allergy and various health conditions Various AB allergies

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