The Curaprox Advantage - Techniques and Tools

Toothpaste and other chemotherapeutics have a place in every oral hygiene routine, but what are you doing or recommending for Mechanical Disruption of Biofilm? If you’ve been repeating the same oral hygiene instructions every day, we invite you to learn how to flip the switch on these conversations and implement proven solutions.
How do you select the best adjunct for the patient in your chair? In this webinar, update your knowledge on current, evidence-based recommendations for interdental care. What techniques can you use to create predictable and optimal clinical outcomes? How do you begin? Find out how to maintain loyal patients for life with your Curaprox Advantage.

Lucy Pavao
RDH & Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Feeling Sick isn’t an Option : The Evolution in Viral Control with Cold & Flu Guard Oral & Nasal Spray

Discover how you can provide highly effective and advanced protection for yourself, your colleagues, patients and family. You will also gain an increased confidence in the progressive preventive services your dental practice is providing, bringing a positive message to your community.

Dr. Michael Glogauer
Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto; Head of Dental Oncology, UHN - Princess Margaret Cancer Centre; CSO Oral Science International

25% xylitol can be more effective than fluoride to reduce cariogenic bacteria load: learn how

The Canadian Cariologist Dr. Jacques Véronneau will present results from his in-vivo studies showing that a unique 25% xylitol toothpaste can be an evidence-based, kid-friendly and affordable preventive option for dental professionals, parents and public health units in the fight against high risk caries.

Bessy Georgaris
RDH & Monteregie, Montreal West & Gatineau Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science
Dr Jacques Véronneau
Canadian Cariologist & Developer of X-PUR CariØ

2.5% NaF Varnish : An interview with the developing team

Get the facts from the developers, on how FluoriMax is effective and safe when compared to 5% varnishes.

Steve Pardue
Elevate Oral Care, Developper of FluoriMax
Lisa Hardill
RDH & West GTA Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

5 Most Loved Oral Hygiene Solutions

You will feel empowered by the end of the session by gaining knowledge and awareness on how to best improve clinical outcomes for your patients. Our most loved products will be reviewed to make your patient experience and workday the best it can be! Advantage Arrest, FluoriMax, Cetacaine, X-PUR Crystal desensitizer, and X-PUR Pro-Synergix whitening will be discussed!

Lucy Pavao
RDH & Ontario Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Innovative Approach With Proven Solutions To Treat Xerostomia & Oral Lesions

Discover over-the-counter solutions to provide comfort but also the stimulation of saliva for xerostomia patients, and the most effective way to heal oral lesions and reduce inflammation.

Lisa Hardill
RDH & West GTA Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Management Of Sensitivity & Pain In Hard & Soft Tissues

Achieve predictable clinical outcomes, reduce patient anxiety and increase comfort for regular and severe cases of hard and soft tissue sensitivity.

Karen Treadgold
RDH & British Columbia Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Minimally Invasive Approach (Less Aerosols) To Treating Dental Caries

Discover this new paradigm shift, including how the majority of carious lesions can be reversed and arrested.

Lucy Pavao
RDH & West GTA Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Minimize Inflammation: Giving The Best In A Post-covid World

The present COVID-19 pandemic will have taken its toll on the national health of our population. When we emerge from the present pandemic, there will be an unprecedented need to minimize the heightened inflammatory response through the reduction of chronic inflammation. We need to provide our clients with the best opportunity to reduce inflammation both with our clinical protocols and self-care recommendations.

Jo-Anne Jones
RDH, Successful Entrepreneur & International Speaker

The ‘Missing Link’ in Today’s Periodontal Therapy Program

Long running, ongoing chronic disease such as periodontal disease tips the body’s balance towards chronic systemic inflammation. What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation and impact not only oral health but systemic health? Periodontal disease has been redefined from a bacterial and infectious disease to an inflammatory disease which has impacted current guidelines. Is your practice compliant with the newly published JADA guidelines for evidence–based clinical recommendations in the non-surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis?
If we continue to choose to ignore we are at a standstill in our treatment progress as well as placing our client’s overall health at risk. The outcome….further destruction and unpredictable outcomes. If the knowledge shared is put into practice, it will change the not only the way we treat periodontal disease but also the outcomes we can expect to receive.

Jo-Anne Jones
RDH, Successful Entrepreneur & International Speaker

The SMART Pediatric Dentist by Dr. Jeanette MacLean

In this webinar, Dr. Jeanette MacLean will translate the scientific evidence for minimal intervention dentistry into everyday clinical practice. She will combine the principles of modern cariology and biomimetic restoratives with patient-centered care. Review case selecting, treatment planning, and a clinical protocol for glass ionomer cement (GIC), and atraumatic restorative treatment (ART).

Dr. Jeanette MacLean

Beyond the thraditional; methods, products and unique ways to optimize better pationt self-care. A recent Story That changed My Perspective

We all encounter challenging clinical and medical situations! Understanding what can be used to best manage specific clinical scenarios is critical. This is why understanding the science of how products can sustain and enhance our patients daily oral health will make all the difference on the 363 days we do not see them.

Dr Dana Colson

Home-care whitening during and after COVID-19: take care of your patients while getting a business boost!

As we shift back into delivery of care we understand your clients are going to start asking about tooth whitening.
Even if teeth whitening is thought to be a common procedure, it is important to understand the science and best practice steps to ensure optimal clinical results.
In this webinar you will:
- Learn how to adapt your treatment to the new COVID-19 reality
- Understand the story behind the most effective home-care teeth whitening system
- Learn what whitening options are available
- Understand the steps required to achieve optimal whitening results
- Learn how to reduce tooth sensitivity before and after whitening
- Identify potential patients to increase your revenue

Lisa Hardill
RDH & West GTA Dental Hygiene Preventive Care Partner for Oral Science

Discover the science and clinical benefits behind the use of soft-tissue diodes in your dental hygiene protocol

Science and clinical results have spoken: a soft-tissue diode laser can play an integral role in the hygiene department. Improve clinical outcomes and patient experience, while increasing your potential revenue in your hygiene appointment. This webinar is presented by Chrissy Ford, a leading Canadian RDH with proven clinical experience and business success using a diode laser as a leading device against biofilm bacteria, sensitivity, oral lesions and treatment of pain and inflammation.

Chrissy Ford